All flavors of Business Model

Business Model - Nissan ad

Although its origin dates back further, during the 1990’s the notion of Critical Success Factors was tarnished. An example of an eccentric use of this managerial concept appeared on the cover of a women’s magazine with the title “The critical success factors of your weight-loss program”.

Today, the notion of the Business Model, clearly conceptualized since its first appearance, seems to be taking the same path, if one can believe this photo of an advertising screen on a petrol pump (taken in July 2013 with my smartphone). Here, by choosing 4,2 cubic meters of usable space, the prospective customer is opting for a new Business Model. I must say that even in the business world, it is hardly difficult to highlight some incongruous connotations of the Business Model concept.

Ps: We remind you that a critical success factor is based on a conception whereby the business must adapt to environmental necessities (strategic fit), hence the paradigm that the business must control factors that are essential to its survival; the non-mastery of one of the 5 or 6 factors (generally) identified would put the future of the particular business in peril.

Author : Thierry Verstraete