Video : the ecosystem according to GRP Lab2 February 2016

Here is the 12th and last episode of the first season of our web-series, produced to explain the GRP Model. This last chapter deals with the « ecosystem ». To watch the full season, just click on the educational videos category of GRP Teaching.

Video : conventions in the GRP Business Model2 February 2016

Discover the 11th episode of our educational web-series. This new video deals with the « conventions » int the GRP Business Model. To watch the full series, please refer to the videos category of GRP Teaching.

Video : the stakeholders according to GRP Lab21 January 2016

The 10th episode of GRP Lab’s web-series is online. It deals with the stakeholders and offers a complement to the 2nd episode, dedicated to the nature of the Business Model, which also highlights the stakeholders because these ones participate to the emergence of a shared representation of the Business.

Video : performances according to the GRP Model21 January 2016

Here is the 9th episode of our educational series of videos about the GRP Business Model. This new chapter deals with the « performances ». To watch all our videos, please refer to videos category of GRP Teaching.

Video : volume of revenue according to GRP Lab7 January 2016

The episode 7 is barely released but here comes the 8th episode of our web-series. This time, the video deals with the « volume of revenue » in the GRP Business Model. Click here to watch all the episodes.

Video : sources of revenue in the GRP Model6 January 2016

This episode of GRP Lab’s web series deals with the “Remuneration” in this component of the GRP Model called “Sources of revenue”. This episode still targets the project owner and his advisor, who can rely on a video support to help entrepreneurs to understand and identify the sources of revenue in the company operating.

Video : the value manufacture19 November 2015

A new video has been released in for the educational web series produced by GRP Lab. It aims at presenting the « Value manufacture » component of the GRP Business Model. Not only one needs to promise a value, it is still necessary to build it.

Video : value proposition in the GRP Business Model22 October 2015

GRP Lab’s web series is complemented today with a new episode that deals with the notion of « value proposition ». 5 minutes to understand this essential part of every Business Model and GRP Team’s vision about it.