Video : the value manufacture19 November 2015

A new video has been released in for the educational web series produced by GRP Lab. It aims at presenting the « Value manufacture » component of the GRP Business Model. Not only one needs to promise a value, it is still necessary to build it.

Video : value proposition in the GRP Business Model22 October 2015

GRP Lab’s web series is complemented today with a new episode that deals with the notion of « value proposition ». 5 minutes to understand this essential part of every Business Model and GRP Team’s vision about it.

Video : the entrepreneur in the GRP Business Model8 October 2015

GRP Lab continues its web series, studying this time the entrepreneur (or the project’s team) in the GRP Business Model. To watch again all the videos, please refer to the « Educational videos » section of GRP Teaching.

User experiences of the GRP model26 November 2014

This video, presented at the inauguration of the GRP Lab on Thursday, March 20th 2014, presents the experience of business creators using the platform. It also gives the viewpoint of researchers from the entrepreneurial team who conceived and/or developed GRP Lab.

The expression “Business Model” is common sense24 June 2014

Although it dates back further, the expression “Business Model” became popular with the appearance of Internet start-ups, firms created to exploit the new media that was becoming accessible to so many people. It even became what one might term a “Buzzword”.  Who used the word for the first time in this context is not known […]

All flavors of Business Model17 April 2014

Although its origin dates back further, during the 1990’s the notion of Critical Success Factors was tarnished. An example of an eccentric use of this managerial concept appeared on the cover of a women’s magazine with the title “The critical success factors of your weight-loss program”. Today, the notion of the Business Model, clearly conceptualized […]

Official inauguration of the GRP Lab21 March 2014

A packed amphitheatre of Bordeaux University this Thursday March 20th saw the inauguration of the GRP Lab. Led by Professor Thierry Verstraete and his team of researchers in entrepreneurship, this ambitious project saw the light of day thanks to a combination of public and private supporters. Before an audience of professionals, university academics, students and […]