Ginga Foot

By Florence Krémer et Fabrice Scipion

Ginga Foot is a futsal complex (indoor football), set up in 2012 by Rihane Mouhib, an entrepreneur who trained in the GRP model during his Masters in Entrepreneurship.

The Ginga Foot Business Model, unique in France, consists of the transformation of a business idea into a system of win-win exchanges with key stakeholders.

The case is interesting because it shows how the GRP model helps the project leader conceive a successful Business Model that enables him not only to differentiate himself from his competitors through a unique value proposition, but also to get his operating tool financed by the giant of sports distribution, the Oxylane group.

Ginga Foot Business Model (in english)

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Ginga Foot Business Model as a mindmap

Download the Business Model as a mindmap