Official inauguration of the GRP Lab

A packed amphitheatre of Bordeaux University this Thursday March 20th saw the inauguration of the GRP Lab. Led by Professor Thierry Verstraete and his team of researchers in entrepreneurship, this ambitious project saw the light of day thanks to a combination of public and private supporters.

Before an audience of professionals, university academics, students and institutional players, the President of Bordeaux University; Professor Manuel Tunon de Lara, took the floor. Acknowledging the influence that a project of this kind generates, which goes well beyond the walls of the university, President Tunon de Lara emphasized his pleasure at seeing this ambitious initiative materialise with the launch of GRP Lab.

Inauguration of the GRP Lab Amphitheatre - Inauguration of the GRP Lab Inauguration cocktail - GRP Lab

GRP Lab conférence

M. Chapothin, assistant Director General of the Banque Populaire of Aquitaine Centre Atlantique, enthused at being among the funders of the Research Chair in Entrepreneurship for the Bordeaux University foundation. He was wowed by the application (GRP Storyteller), judging that it surpassed his expectations and responded to the need to stimulate value creation of all kinds in our territories. M. Chapothin emphasised his desire to see the partnership continue into the future.

Professor Thierry Verstraete then took his stand to thank and congratulate all the player participating the project, the entrepreneurial team at IRGO (bearing in mind that GRP Lab is a research product from this team); the students in entrepreneurship – for it was their needs that determined the research-actions carried out so as to fine-tune teaching in the classroom; the entrepreneurs who made their businesses available for investigation. He also thanked the institutions supporting the project and the people involved.

After reminding the audience that the GRP Lab is a platform of skills dedicated to building awareness, training and accompanying entrepreneurship based on the GRP model, Professor Verstraete presented the different sections of the site.

All that was left to complete this inauguration was a final test. Estèle Jouison-Laffitte and Vincent Blazquez took on the role of entrepreneurs to show the public a glimpse of the collaborative and innovative potential of the application.

Estele Jouison - Vincent Blazquez - GRP Lab Tablet testing - GRP Stoyteller app GRP Storyteller - App test

The public had the chance to test the application on touch-screens made especially available for them.

A lively cocktail concluded the evening, where the participants were able to come together and ask questions directly to team members. It was a big success, judging by public feedback.

Alain Meiar