Terms of use

GRP Lab et services associés

These terms and conditions were last updated in: February 2014

Art. 1 – Object

These Terms and Conditions of Use (from hereon described as the “Terms”) fix and determine the rules of access to the Website “” (from hereon described as the “Site”), published by the University of Bordeaux on behalf of the IRGO research institute for organizational management (from hereon described as the “Publisher”) and the Terms and Conditions of Use of the services supplied by GRP Storyteller on or via the Site (from hereon described as the “Services”).

The Terms are applicable to any person accessing the Site in no matter what capacity.

Art. 2 – Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use

By accessing and consulting the Site, any person automatically accepts these terms without restriction. Any person not wishing to accept and/or comply with these terms is requested to abstain from consulting the site in any way.

Any person who acts fraudulently or against these terms risks legal action being taken against them.

These terms apply for as long as the Site is accessible on the Internet.

Art. 3 – Description of Services

Seminars that develop awareness of entrepreneurship and knowledge of the Business Model in the form of the model, “Generation and Remuneration of Value and Value Partnerships”.

The Site supplies, to any person who wants them, services for accessing and consulting documentation and data created by various people working within an educational framework, particularly a university environment.

The Site enables any person so inclined, to access and operate a software application called “GRP Storyteller”, otherwise known as “Generation and Remuneration of Value and Value Partnerships”. This application enables people to conceive the Business Model of an entrepreneurial project for free. Furthermore, the Site enables the consultation and, if required, depending on the configurations put in place by the developers of Business Models, a total or partial download, depending on various programming formats.

The Site also enables free access to documentary resources put in place by the GRP Publications association.

The GRP Lab platform will eventually enable users to access and consult offers of training and university diplomas based on Business Models.

Users’ access and usage rights will be more or less extensive depending on the way in which they have signed up for Services; and these are likely to exhibit noticeable differences.

Each User has the right to unsubscribe from all or part of the Services s/he has signed up to, at any moment.

Art. 4 – Accessing and consulting the Site

The Site is accessible to all Users seven days a week (7d/7d) and twenty-four hours a day (24h/24h). Likewise, the Site is available, entirely or in part, in the form of various applications based on the conception of the GRP form of Business Models.

The Site and the applications are initially only available in French. Over time, they will also become available in English and Spanish.

Access to the Site and the use of Services require access to the Internet through the use of an information technology terminal with an Internet connection.

The Publisher reserves the right to cut or momentarily reduce access to the Site or to all or any part of the Services, in order to engage in maintenance, modification and/or improvement operations.

The Publisher cannot be held responsible for any interruption in access to the Site and/or Services that are not the result of its own exclusive action.

Art 5 – Functioning of the Site

The Publisher permits access to the Site and supplies the Services with care and attention to usage, in strict accordance with the availability of resources. Given the current state of technology, the Publisher provides no guarantee of any kind as to the good, complete or perfect functioning of the Site. The Publisher can in no case be held responsible for any malfunctioning or unavailability of the Site (hosting, response time, piracy, etc.), be it temporary or sustained, that is not due to its own exclusive action.

Likewise, the Publisher cannot be held responsible for not fulfilling its obligations due to any unforeseen and insurmountable action by a third party or in the instance of a force majeure (emergency situation). Likewise, the Publisher cannot in any way be held responsible for all the inconveniences or damages inherent in the use of the Internet, notably in the case of service disruption, outside intruders or the existence of malicious software programs. This applies likewise to all that concerns compatibility, interoperability and the inherent characteristics of using physical, logical or technical resources.

Art. 6 – Free registration to the Site

In accordance with conditions and with restricted ways of use, any person accessing the Site has the right to register for free.

During the procedure of signing up to the Site for free, the person registering is obliged to supply various pieces of information, notably personal, and must choose a unique identifier and password to obtain a user account and user profile, and to enable them to identify themselves at each connection to the Site, either by submitting these identifiers or through an automatic process.

It is indisputable that any use of a unique identifier and likewise a password implies usage by the person to whom they belong.

The person registering is informed that their unique identifier and password are strictly personal and should not, in any instance, be communicated to any third party. If they are disclosed then the Publisher declines any responsibility and cannot be held responsible under any circumstances.

Any person accessing the Site via their unique identifier and password is advised to disconnect from the Site systematically every time they finish using the Site.

In a case of unauthorized usage or an attempt to breach the security of their unique identifier and password, the person concerned must inform the Publisher straight away and immediately proceed to change their password by re-setting it. This process must take place at the following address:

Art. 7 – Site Content

Users of the Site and Services are not authorized to use the Site and Services in any way that breaches the law, public order, moral standards and/or decency. Likewise, they are not authorized to implement, load, transmit, put online and/or publish on the Site any item, piece of content, data and /or information likely to exhibit a character that breaches the law, public order, moral standards and/or decency. If anything of this nature is reported to the Publisher’s services then the Publisher reserves the right to delete or to render inaccessible each one of these items, pieces of content, data and /or information, and to inform the relevant authorities.

The Publisher exerts no checks nor moderating procedures and undertakes no operation for controlling, monitoring and/or web-mastering any content that is implemented, loaded, transmitted, put online and/or published on the Site by anybody using the Site and/or Services.

Under no circumstances can the Publisher be held responsible for the quality of information and content supplied by Users, nor for the consequences (notably any legal disputes or damage) that might result from using the Services.

The items and information presented and displayed on the Site are there as the exclusive responsibility of each person who has implemented, loaded, transmitted, put online and/or published them on the Site. As such, they only have an indicative value and should not be considered reliable. Likewise, and in particular, they cannot be considered as economic, accounting, personal, professional or judicial advice and/or recommendations.

All the items implemented, put online and/or published on the Site by any user remain the sole responsibility of the person who has implemented/put online and/or published them. The Publisher has no control a priori over these items. As such, the Publisher cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from the publication or use of items implemented, loaded, transmitted, put online and/or published on the Site.

It is strictly forbidden for anybody to implement, put online and/or publish any content on the Site that might in any way breach public order, the laws or regulations in vigor, public decency or any rights. As a consequence, the Publisher strongly recommends that Users ensure the value of each element that they publish on the Site. In the event of a report of offensive content, the Publisher reserves the right to retract it and to delete or ban the user account that corresponds to the offensive content in question.

Anybody can report the existence of offensive content to the Publisher by sending an email to the following address:

The display, placing online and/or publication on the Site of any item that does not directly issue from the Publisher, and which may present any kind of commercial, marketing and/or promotional character, may not be displayed, put online and/or published on the Site without prior and express authorization from the Publisher. Requests for authorization can be made at the following address:

Art. 8 – The collecting and processing of data for the GRP model

During access and with each connection to the Site, the Site is likely to collect data, notably personal data, from Web users who access, connect and use the Site and Services. This is likewise true during the creation of a user account and/or registration to the services of the GRP Storyteller application.

The Publisher considers this data to be confidential and does not wish, under any circumstances, to reveal them to any third-party, with the exception of any request made to apply a law, a prescription or a judicial procedure.

Art. 9 – Information to Users registered for the Services

The Publisher is likely to use all or part of the information and personal data voluntarily communicated by Users who are registered for the Services to send and/or forward various information and notifications to them, at any moment.

Art. 10 – Re-use of the GRP business models produced

The Publisher will not access, under any circumstances, the items loaded, forwarded, put online and/or published on the Site that enable the conception of business models with the help of the available Services.

The Publisher reserves the right at any moment to access business models conceived by Users with the help of the Services. The Publisher also reserves the right to display the business models produced and to make them available on the Site. Consent is granted free of charge for this display and accessibility in return for the availability of the Site and Services.  At any moment, and by simple request, a User can ask for the business model they conceived and which is displayed and available on the Site, to be removed from view and/or made inaccessible.

Art. 11 – Personal Data

Registering for the Site and/or using the Services implies, for individuals, that the Publisher will necessarily carry out operations that collect, manage and store their personal information. These operations are carried out within the provisions and the strict limits of the French Data Protection Act (ref. loi n° 78-17).

The personal data collected through the Site is strictly limited to information that each User, as an individual, has voluntarily provided on the Site.

Conforming to the Data Protection Act, each user registered on the Site has the right to alter, correct and/or delete all or part of their personal information. You can exert this right by registered post with a request for proof of delivery, at the following address:

Art. 12 – The collecting of technical data

The Publisher collects technical data. This is intended to facilitate and improve usage of the Site and Services. This technical data principally concerns: Internet navigators, web browsers, operating systems, the domain name of the site via which any user of the Site accesses or leaves the Site.

Art. 13 – Ownership

The Publisher is the owner of, or owns the necessary rights and authorization for, all the content of the Site, notably the texts, information bulletins, files, documents, images, photos, films, drawings, sketches, product names, business names, logos and representations or items that it publishes, produces and/or directly puts online on the Site. All these items are protected by one or more copyrights, notably concerning intellectual property.

With regard to the elements described above, their reproduction or their partial or full representation, also any act such as, notably, their distribution, sale, publication, translation, modification or use are strictly forbidden without the express and prior permission of the Publisher. Their reproduction for private use or strictly private and non-commercial purposes is authorized on the condition that the Site and the Publisher are cited and duly mentioned as the source.

Art. 14 – Brands

All items protected by a trademark that is published directly on the Site by the Publisher and/or its partners are protected and must not, without prior and express authorization, be reproduced or used freely.

Art. 15 – Hypertext links

The Publisher authorizes any person so inclined to create and/or publish hypertext links that link to the Site (home page or interior pages) or to other Web sites. The Publisher exerts no control a priori on these links.

The existence of any hypertext link from any Web site does not, in any capacity or at any moment, imply the validation, acceptance, co-operation or agreement of the Publisher. As a consequence, the Publisher holds no responsibility for content on the Web sites indicated.

The Site is likely to display hypertext links that link to partner web sites. The Publisher certifies the quality and the contents of these partner sites.

Art. 16 – User service

If you seek any information or have any questions about the Site and/or its use, please contact the Site at this address:

Art. 17 – Various

Integrality of the Terms of Use

These Terms of Use constitute the Site’s terms of use in their entirety. Any other document concerning the use of the Site that is not published by the Publisher, has no value of any kind, neither with regard to the Publisher nor to the Site and its usage.

Modification of the Terms

Without prior warning or advance information, and at any moment, the Publisher reserves the right to revise and/or change the Terms of Use. These revisions and/or changes are likely to be the subject of advance notification to people who are registered and using one or various Services.

With each new access to the Site, people automatically accept any changes and/or modifications made to the Terms of use.


If any one of the stipulations in the Terms of Use is found to be null or unwritten with regard to a rule of law in force, or a judicial decision that is deemed definitive, then it will not in any way result in the invalidation of these Terms of Use, nor will it alter the validity of any other stipulation.


The fact that one or other of the parties does not claim the application of any clause of these Terms of Use, or agrees to its non-execution, whether temporarily or permanently, cannot be interpreted as a renunciation of the rights granted by the said clause.

Applicable law and language

These Terms of Use are governed by and construed in accordance with French law, the only law applicable in the matter.

These Terms of Use were written in the French language, the only language applicable in the matter. Any translation of the Terms of Use can only be of an informative nature.